model plane
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How I made this X-Wing fly:

Yes, it really flies - as far as I'm throwing it! ;-)

It never had some engine or radio control.

It was designed and built as a party decoration (paper, wood, plastic etc.) within two days. Hanging mostly in the dark, the silhouette was more important than the details and paintings, so it is not built very exactly.

A friend had the idea not to take 'normal' photos but joking as if it would fly. Thanks to that wonderful idea and photos by Michael G. (see below). It was a photoshop work of miutes to get it in the air.

All those fans with a broken dream now - don't be hopeless!
Some time ago, I experimented with a smaller aerodynamic X-Wing model (about 20 centimeters in lenght) to throw by hand - and it had a stable flight! So one day the dream will come true... I WILL believe!